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PGAgolfbets at its core is a resource. A resource that can help visitors make informed golf bets or fantasy golf picks for PGA Tour events. Through effective analysis of form and the interpretation of golf related statistics, PGAgolfbets can aid the decision making journey


Each week PGAgolfbets previews the upcoming PGA Tour event. The previews are are written with objective opinion and analysis and deal only with strokeplay tournaments on the PGA Tour. It provides a general overview of the subject tournament and also includes golf betting tips which visitors can evaluate and compare against their own selections.

This Week's Tournament Preview

US Open Betting Tips September 15, 2020 by PGAgolfbets - The US Open is organised by the United States Golf Association (USGA). Traditionally it is played in mid-June and scheduled so that the final round is played on the third Sunday, which is Father's Day. However, with the schedule reshuffle due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, the US Open is now being played in September.… Full Tournament Preview


Player statistics can help profile an identikit winner for a tournament and give clues as to who is likely to perform. For example, it is important to consider the characteristics of a course setup. Is the course long, short, open, tight, protected by rough, bunkered, small greens etc. Each week PGAgolfbets analyses the most relevant statistics for a particular course setup together with the key performance indicators from previous winners.

pga tour golf stats analysis

The Top 30 players based on the analysis are then published in an easy to read table. There is also a PDF download available which includes for all players participating in the tournament. Click here for more on this week’s Stats Analysis


For each tournament PGAgolfbets takes a look at the strokes gained breakdown for the past champions. This data is then leveraged to try and deduce a ‘player-type‘ who will more than likely perform for a particular tournament. This can be helpful when trying to assemble a portfolio of players for fantasy golf. The findings from the analysis feeds into the Stats Analysis for the upcoming tournament.

This Week's Winning Formula

US Open Winning Formula - Winged Foot's West Course plays host to the 120th US Open Championship. The course will be setup like the traditional US Opens of old which means a stern test of golf awaits.The rough will be… Click here for more on this week's fantasy golf winning formula...


One of the key considerations at PGAgolfbets each week is Current Form. What players are hot? Who is trending? For each tournament, PGAgolfbets takes the list of players in the field and analyzes their performance in the previous 5 strokeplay events on the PGA Tour. The Top 30 players from the analysis then feature in the weekly Current Form table. There is also a PDF available to download which outlines each players results in the previous 5 tournaments. Click here for more on this week’s Current Form….


When considering a golf betting pick or fantasy golf pick it is important to consider a player’s history with the tournament and in particular the course. Certain course setups suit different players. Each week PGAgolfbets publishes an Event Form table showing the Top 30 players in the field based on the last 5 years of tournament results. There is also a PDF available to download which features all players teeing it up for the tournament. Click here for more on this week’s Tournament Form